EUTERP Education & training database

EUTERP Education & training database

Radiation protection expert course

Boeretang 200
Mol, Antwerp 2400 Belgium
SCK CEN Academy
Language: Dutch
Sub category: Specialised training

This post-graduate course (20 ECTS) meets the requirements set in the Royal Decree of July 20, 2001 regarding the training for Radiation Protection Experts (Art. 73.2), and is therefore targeted towards those who need to be formally recognised as RPE, as well as to all professionals working in nuclear, radiology or the medical sector. The […]

ETRAP 2021

This is an online event
SCK CEN Academy
Language: English
Sub category: Conference/symposium

ETRAP 2021 intends to bring together training providers, policy makers, radiation protection experts, regulators and authorities and end-users. It will discuss the latest findings and developments in education and training in radiation protection in nuclear industry, healthcare, research centers and governmental organizations. This conference will be held online. The detailed programme with the virtual sessions […]

Training course on radioactive waste management

SCK CEN Lakehouse
Boerentang 201
Mol, 2400 Belgium
SCK CEN Academy
Language: English
Sub category: Initial training, Refresher

This intensive unique seven day course will give a comprehensive overview of different aspects involved in the management of radioactive waste. The course modules will handle operational radioactive waste management during collection, characterization, conditioning, transport and (interim) storage. Course topics will focus on international best practices and regulations, national and international state-of-the-art. The course benefits […]